An eBook on Mindfulness Exercises

I just published a 200 page ebook on to help you learn very simple, practical mindfulness exercises to integrate presence throughout your life.

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An ebook on practical mindfulness exercises.













I’ve spent the last six years teaching people how to incorporate mindfulness into their lives, how to apply mindfulness into their work and relationships, and I’ve supported thousands and thousands of people who’ve used mindfulness exercises to improve every area of their lives.

People just like you.

When I first started out, I really had to try to convince people that they needed practice mindfulness. Instead of just making a morning intention to be happy for the day, they had to put together a structured, integrated mindfulness practice.
But today, after six years, mindfulness has exploded. What do I mean by that? It’s simple, mindfulness is all over the place. It’s pervasive throughout pretty much any kind of business, every kind of market you can imagine, every kind of service you can imagine. From dog training to massage therapy to elementary school teaching to the Navy Seals to the Fortune 500, and yes, even U.S. Congress, the skills of mindfulness are being taught everywhere.

If you already practice mindfulness or if you’re using mindfulness practices already, you have likely noticed that the teachings of mindfulness have revolutionized within the last 12 months.

Over time, mindfulness practitioners become known as conscientious leaders, people who notice the subtle details in each moment that help them make wise, thoughtful decisions for people’s welfare. Many of them have started small and progressively built their practice day after day after day and built their skill set, built their momentum and built their wise heart. In fact, I bet there’s proof right now in your inbox.

No matter what outcome you’re interested in, what beliefs or values you have — just look at your inbox and see how many people use the word “mindful”. You might have an interest in a certain subject — for me, it’s coaching — so I subscribe to people who teach about coaching skills. And if you just go to your inbox, whatever you’re interested in, whatever you’re subscribed to, go take a look and you will see the leaders in that market — the experts in that market, the people that are positioned as the go-to people at that market — take a look and I guarantee you you’re going to see them referencing mindfulness, especially if you’ve got emails from them from the last six to twelve months.

You’ll see them talking about the importance of daily mindfulness practice because that’s what they do. That’s what experts do. That’s how many experts become experts.

Take a look at what they’re doing, not what they’re teaching but what they are actually doing, and I guarantee you that many of them are mindfulness practitioners because that is how you can achieve success and well-being—both personally and professionally.

At, I’m going to show you the core strategies that really fuel mindfulness and motivate the great practitioners.

But first I need to warn you…yes, there is one problem.

There are some dark clouds on the horizon because I’ve seen a lot of people take really big missteps on the journey to mindfulness

I want to show you what’s broken so you can avoid that, and it’s not hard to avoid these things.

I want to show you what’s broken, but more importantly, I want to show you what works so you can really optimize your happiness, and not just for one day or one week, but happiness that builds wisdom that continues growing from one year to the next, and you’re continually building more momentum and continually building your results, so that you can build a great lifestyle, so you can live each moment with love, so you can serve the world with your unique gifts, and so that you can become a conscientious leader by making the impact that you want and that you deserve.

It is essential to use a well-structured, integrated set of mindfulness practices, and that is what this book and provides you with.

Then there’s this thing I call “the perfect outcome syndrome”, and maybe you know what I’m talking about. This is where you have an outcome or life status that’s almost perfect, that’s 95 or 99 percent done, but you keep on polishing up, changing this, changing that, moving this around, trying to get yourself to be absolutely perfect.

It is essential to avoid this perfect outcome syndrome because it will absolutely hurt you. It’s the achilles heal of a mindfulness practitioner. It’s an albatross that’s hanging around your neck. You must avoid it. Instead of obsessing about having the perfect outcome, you need to attend to having a kind, non-judgmental experience of whatever is predominant for you in the present moment.

Attend to your experience more than worrying about the outcome. And you can’t enjoy the outcome anyway unless you attend to your experience. Now the perfect antidote to this perfect outcome syndrome is a great mindfulness practice. At, I’m going to share with you what fuels mindfulness practice for the long term.

A well-structured, integrated mindfulness practice builds momentum for you that gives you a surge of well-being, and that gives you great positioning for long term happiness and success.

I invite you to read on about my own journey and to begin to explore how you can structure your own journey toward mindfulness with my guidance.

Author: Sean Fargo
About Sean Fargo At the peak of his career as Director of Asian Operations for AsiaEXP, Sean Fargo traded in his worldly aspirations to explore the inner life by ordaining as a Buddhist monk for two years in the Thai Theravada tradition. Since disrobing in 2010, he has supported thousands of meditation practitioners at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, facilitated mindfulness classes in San Quentin and Solano State Prisons, and has lead several workshops at Inward Bound Mindfulness Education teen retreats. A dedicated student of spirituality and mindfulness, he has studied with Jack Kornfield, Analayo Bhikkhu, Phillip Moffitt, and many other teachers in the US and Asia. His teaching path is guided by Guy Armstrong, Senior Teachers Council member for both Spirit Rock Meditation Center and Insight Meditation Society. Founder of, he offers secular mindfulness e-courses with certifications available for personal and professional skill sets. Enrolled in New Ventures West's Coaching Certification Program, Sean expects to certify as an Integral Life Coach in November 2014. He graduated with honors from University of California at Santa Barbara’s Global Studies Department in 2000. Sean offers private instruction to adults, teens, companies, and organizations. Contact Sean Fargo for more info.

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