A Beautiful Marin Hike: Fairfax to San Francisco

Fairfax to San Francisco

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I like long adventure hikes, so I set out after sunrise one Wednesday morning to see whether it was possible to hike from my house in Fairfax to San Francisco only on trails.

This hike includes the beauty of Deer Park, Phoenix Lake, Mt. Tam, Muir Woods, the Marin Headlands, and the Golden Gate Bridge. What more could you want in one day?

Photo titles and descriptions lead you along the experience and provides pointers to the trailheads in which I took. There are a few other routes one could take. As far as I could tell, this route is the quickest.

I loved this beautiful Marin hike from Fairfax to San Francisco and I look forward to doing it again sometime. Next time with brave friends!

Here is a link to the hike description at EveryTrail

Bring plenty of food, sunscreen, and a large water reservoir.
There’s a cafe with a free water station and food for sale in Muir Woods.
My GPS tracker states that this hike was 24 miles, which did not include 2/3 of the GG Bridge distance.
All in all, I believe this hike is 25 miles – for what that’s worth.
Bring an up-to-date map, as not every trail is marked or marked according to my Rambler’s Guide map.
The 24 bus line in San Francisco can bring you back to Fairfax for $5.25. Busses leave every 10 minutes from the south end of the bridge.Have fun!

May 09, 2012
Trip Location: Fairfax, California, United States
Length: 25 miles
Duration: 10 hours
Activity: Hiking
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Author: Sean Fargo
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